Which website in your opinion is the best soccer prediction site of the year? If you choose a site with the highest winning rate that is above 90% then you are technically right. A tipster that provides winning tips every time deserves to be called the best.

Let’s try finding the best football tips website

1. Winning rate

It is the winning probability of tippers. If a tipster wins 5 out of 10 bets, his strike rate would be 50%. But the strike rate of high odds predictions and tips is just a part of the service. The first thing is that no tipper can achieve 100% rate of success. The second thing is the winning rate keeps fluctuating from one tournament to another.

2. Guarantee

Every tipper gives guarantee of success but it is only a few tipsters that fulfill their words. Here you first need to understand the guarantee. What a guarantee is? It is an assurance by tippers. When you buy a tip, you get an assurance of success. If the tipper fails to provide a winning tip, he will fulfill the promise that could be a winning tip in replacement or money back. But a guarantee comes with conditions and tipsters try hiding behind those conditions to escape from fulfilling guarantee.

3. Fees

Providing tips is a business. Tipsters earn a profit by selling tips and they try selling maximum predictions. They keep their fees affordable and also offer a discount to attract bettors. The fee of a tipper is a deciding factor for budget punters. The fees for tips have to be affordable.

4. Reviews

A tipster that is best for you might not be the same for others. Or it can be said that others might have different views on the tipper that is best in your opinion. Here it can be argued that the best tips website must have positive reviews. The site should have many members and all is members must have positive views on the site.

4. Inside connections

Tipsters maintain and also claim good relations with betting syndicates. They want to show that they get tips from insiders that are bookmakers. A tipper that has business relations with bookies can easily get reliable information. And for this reason he can rightly be called the best tipper.

Which one is the best tips website?

A tipster with highest strike rate and an excellent track record of fulfilling guarantee is simply outstanding. But his fee must be affordable so that every tipper could buy weekend football fixtures and predictions from the tipster. Also, the tips website should provide each and every detail about its services. It should have an attractive and the presentation of content should also be interesting.

Simply put, you can’t make an opinion on a tipper and claim his website to be the best soccer prediction site of the year. You have to make a detailed list of leading and upcoming tippers and compare their services to find the best. Your decision has to be based on facts and no on fiction.

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